Episode 9 - Interview with Cori Johnson

But when I say 'Hey, I’m running as an Independent’, they kind of look at me sideways and say ‘Independent, huh? So what does that mean exactly?’

Emily and Cori discuss the beauty of Virginia, what it's like to be an Independent Candidate, and what exactly a delegate is. A swell time is had by all!

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Episode 8 - Interview with Linsey Fagan

"I had that safety net under me and I think that’s probably what sparked in me making sure that other people have that safety net, if not more of a safety net."

This week, Emily chats with Linsey Fagan from Texas about her run for Congress and the importance of having a strong group of people around you. Nerdy Girls Rock!!

Episode 5 - Interview with Erin Upchurch

I think we should be looking at our school boards with the same, if not more, urgency and attention and importance as we do with mayors and governors.

Emily talks to Erin Upchurch of Columbus, Ohio about the importance of city schools, campaigning with kids, and running for office when you have absolutely no extra time in your day. Who needs sleep?

Episode 4 - Interview with Brianna Pierce

You know, why not? Because I'm 28 years old, I'm smart, I'm a female, and I've got a young new perspective that people should listen to.

In this special ALL CAPS Extra Special Episode, Emily talks to Brianna Pierce about her application to be on one of NYE's Community Boards! And Brianna's burgeoning run for office! And what happens when the incumbent you're challenging is in the same party you are! We're VERY EXCITED and MOTIVATED in this episode! YAY!

Episode 2 - Interview with Paula Phillips

It's a great way to feel with 8 hours of knocking on doors ahead of you!

In Episode 2, Emily talks to Paula Phillips, who is running for public school board in Milwaukee, WI, about her experience being a first-generation American, finding your voice (both physically and politically), and being an over-preparer.