Episode 16 - Interview with Elizabeth Guzman

What do you do when those in power deem people like you unwanted? You kick some ass and run for office! Elizabeth Guzeman joins Emily to talk about immigrating to the United States, her campaign for delegate in Virginia, and what it would mean to be the first Hispanic woman in the Virginia Assembly.

Episode 11 - Interview with Maureen Skinner

It's all about Arkansas in this She's Running double feature! We chat with Maureen Skinner, running for Arkansas State Senate, but first we catch up on the Natural State with a very special guest - Emily's sister Morgan! They chat about the unexpected progressive turn their home state has taken which, we think, proves without a doubt that change is a'comin all over these United States.

Episode 9 - Interview with Cori Johnson

But when I say 'Hey, I’m running as an Independent’, they kind of look at me sideways and say ‘Independent, huh? So what does that mean exactly?’

Emily and Cori discuss the beauty of Virginia, what it's like to be an Independent Candidate, and what exactly a delegate is. A swell time is had by all!

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