Episode 4 - Interview with Brianna Pierce

You know, why not? Because I'm 28 years old, I'm smart, I'm a female, and I've got a young new perspective that people should listen to.

In this special ALL CAPS Extra Special Episode, Emily talks to Brianna Pierce about her application to be on one of NYE's Community Boards! And Brianna's burgeoning run for office! And what happens when the incumbent you're challenging is in the same party you are! We're VERY EXCITED and MOTIVATED in this episode! YAY!

Episode 2 - Interview with Paula Phillips

It's a great way to feel with 8 hours of knocking on doors ahead of you!

In Episode 2, Emily talks to Paula Phillips, who is running for public school board in Milwaukee, WI, about her experience being a first-generation American, finding your voice (both physically and politically), and being an over-preparer.

Episode 1 - Interview with Tori Engelstad

I don't know that I wanted to be President, but I knew that I should be in charge.

In episode 1, Emily talks to Tori Engelstad, who is running for Board of Elections in Philadelphia, PA, about her background, first steps in running for an elected position, and what exactly the Board of Elections does (spoilers - it's a lot!).