About the Show:

She's Running is a podcast featuring interviews with women who are running for office. 

Since the 2016 Presidential election, thousands of people have been inspired, each by their own reasons, to become more active in the political process. The Women’s Marches, #NoBanNoWall protests, shutting down the Senate’s switchboard – these are amazing acts that prove the power of the people when they are inspired to act on a cause. Building on these movements, women all over the country have begun or are planning their run for office. Women are running for school boards, for city councils, for the U.S. House of Representatives, for governorships, and for every electable position in between.

This podcast is interviews with some of the women who have already started their campaigns about what inspired them to take the leap, the process of running for office, and the challenges they’ve been facing. We will also feature about some of the resources that are out there for women who want to run for office, but aren’t sure where to begin.


About the Host:

Emily Jackson is not a journalist. She is not a politician. She is a woman who cares about the political future of our country and believes that the future is female. (These are literally my qualifications to host this podcast. I know. I can't believe they let just anyone do this either.)


Contact She's Running at shesrunningpod@gmail.com